Wednesday, April 1, 2009

marriage prep 101

after weeks of hmming and hawing, we/ daniel finally spoke about the money something which i cant talk about. you see, i can rattle on hours after hours about shoes, people, babies, dumb things but not money. its always like a hush-hush thing and the one thing i cant really wrap my head around. im once again dependable entirely on someone else for my daily expenses. the last time that happened was when i was 16 before i started teaching dance!!

in my head i tried working it out. take pocket money? do i take it daily? monthly? so i have to account for every purchase? how much do i ask for or do i negotiate? it was all too overwhelming and hard.

but, thank god, daniel is really a wonderfully kind and good person. in a matter of seconds, he told me that he would like our accounts to be joint. that we both use and put money into one common fund. and even if i don't have anything to contribute at the start its the $10 million or $10 we have in years to come that he really cares about.

and i told him i'd have to think about. after a quick think, i realized it is a win win situation for me! DUH.. i think i really scored big this time round. and im so thankful that im marrying him.

i heart you, my onigiri!


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