Wednesday, April 1, 2009

public service announce to the ladies! :)

this is old news! but i think its too brilliant to keep mum about it!! especially for crab-lovers who hate having to work too hard for their food..

i must admit it was completely unplanned (serious!). we were out celebrating carol's birthday after a luxurious girly mani-pedi treat when we decided to hit a new crab joint cos hey! freshly painted nails and crabs.. best idea, no? only to realize that we cant even open our purses to pay, what more manipulate a nutcracker and shrimp fork!! and there was no way we were going to sit through it slurping on soup and beansprouts! so *drumrolls* the boys manned up and offered to peel for us!

it was seriously the breeziest crabby meal ever!! happy birthday, my love!!

with the exception of their crocodile paw specialty dish, which made me faint just thinking about it.. we're loving this new place! :) 


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