Thursday, April 2, 2009

we have a streaker!

it was too cold to come out to play. all the other trees were still budding and reluctantly showing signs of spring. seriously, now, mother nature, you've had a good long winter. get to work, woncha?

in the midst of all the shrubs and bare comrades, we found this brave soul in ueno park completely out of whack, probably two weeks early! (just like us!) it was filled with fluffy bright pink blooms of yumminess! looking more confused than a moth on the Las Vegas Strip at midnight... but still amazingly vibrant and cute! :P

so purty! :)


  1. beautiful pic!! I cant wait for more to come! :D

  2. lazy. i keep staring at my japan pictures!!
    have you been using your cammy? p.s. i spoke to a pro photog that has your camera he says its really good.. good choice!


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