Thursday, November 27, 2008

photography: the boys

the men in my life take their photography very seriously. so seriously that my little pink cammy has been the subject of ridicule since the day of her birth. *flexes my puny muscles* there is always new gear in the house, or a new lens, tripod or flash or something related to their frightfully pricey cameras.. terrible! just like how the ladies try to conceal their ever-expanding shoe collection, the men do likewise.. terrible! anyhow, i digress.. each of them with their own style, photography subject and set of amazing pictures!!

a lovely picture of pokkie-poops...

by daddy


  1. Arrrrhhh! now i adore your dad!!! Lovely picture lah! tempting me even more to get a SLR...bad!

  2. my dad is a darling.. he snaps at all the flower arrangements i make! :)
    p.s. my family all nikon lovers! but i've been seeing more canon SLRs around!

  3. How sweet of him! I would love to see some of your arrangements! must share! heehee
    ohhh i'm thinking Nikon it will be too if i am getting one. :)

  4. hi dear! =) how have u been? has it been a year since i've last seen you?
    just caught up with your blog- really enjoyed the fabulous pics and your lovely entries!
    your trips to korea and melbourne make me soooo envious! i wanna go too!
    you look as lovely as always! but you look like you've lost a bit of weight though.. take care of yourself ya! hugs!!

  5. yes! thank you so much for the recommendation again! i am always so thankful how i survived so splendidly! and i have you to thank! :)
    you already had a fabulous vacation in korea right? that inspired my trip! and love your pictures too! you looking gorgeous as usual!! take care too sweets!!


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