Monday, November 24, 2008

wedding stuff: ming & elaine

so many weddings, all so different!! but i love instant photobooths! always so well received and gives your guests something to busy themselves with while waiting for the doors to open!

i loved: 
1) the playboy bunny girls handing out choc cigars
2) the vintage photo booth to display instant shots
3) the cubic angpow box that looked like a dice
4) the poker tables and my poker boys
5) big jazz band for the va va vroom effect!

this spellbound wedding was the last of our november babies!! *phew* time for a break!

while waiting for the professional photographers to come back with their shots of the ballroom, here are some sneak peaks from daniel.

your royal pinkness! 

the most elaborate wedding favours, pack of monogrammed cards & a chunk of gold chocolate bar..

mirrored image of the stage. i love the backdrop! :) and those guys were fantastic! :)

tickles your fancy?


  1. so cool! I want my 20th wedding anniversary to be like that.

  2. awww.. 20th wedding anniversary! that's really romantic, the two of you!

  3. wat ARE you doing now exactly? r u in singapore? r u a wedding planner?

  4. hi babe, yes to all your questions.. im back in SG & working as wedding planner! :)

  5. thank you! im with Spellbound Weddings! (


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