Saturday, November 29, 2008

howdee weekend!

no weddings this weekend! :) yippereedoos! has been a while so daniel 'chope' the entire weekend for us to unwind and snuggle in. i have a secret plan to get ready for december! woah didn't 2008 just whizz by just like that?

some things up my sleeves:
- wrapping daniel's kitchenware in butcher paper for storage (the task is fun, the end result not so..)
- tying down our last few weddings for 2008.
- search for cosy & toasty places to poke our noses into in boston (thanks shan!)
- trying to book ourselves into the super-exclusive NYE cruise on the bateux in NYC
- re-organizing my room to make space for dearly beloved
- sneak in chrissy confetti into our holiday greeting cards
- baking scrummy choc chip cookies for our security guards who are such darlings...

happy thanksgiving, sweets! have a giggley weekend...


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