Monday, September 8, 2008

in touch with my roots

inspired by the chinoiserie theme, driven by my vanity and desire to fit right in with every themed wedding, i decided that at my next chinesey wedding, i was going to wear a cheongsam! classic and simple and yet appropriately feminine, seems to fit the bill! plus i have a cousin's wedding coming soon and im sure grandma will certainly approve.

so on friday evening, i lugged my parents around town to search for the perfect cheongsam! initially wanted to tailor make it but he was super busy and told me if i do what brides do to him (which is to give him 3 weeks for a perfect cheongsam...) he will smack me. so i decided to get it off the rack instead!

here are my initial thoughts: 
1)fitting but not too tight (i.e. boob, butt, bump must be comfortably tailored to without having to hold my gut in for the whole evening. eating must be allowed!!)
2) classic-shaped but i must be able to walk at the speed and stride im used to
3)no outrageous prints but definitely not too plain to avoid being mistaken for a waitress/hostess/getai performer
4) no sequins, no shing, no fusion-style colors or gaping hole in chest.
5) ideally long! 

so poor dad and mom sat through 8 cheongsam-changes and all of us decided on a white cheong sam with lovely embroidery that costed $298++ (excluding alteration) . ouch! i loved the fit but its was silky and almost too precious to wear out. plus i can't wear white at weddings. (fyi, thats a huge wedd-tiquette nono!!) so i had to part with it and eventually settled for a knee-length black one with little white floral prints on it. now undergoing some minor alteration so hopefully i'll see it in perfect shape in 2 weeks! weeeheeee!!!


  1. I can't wait to see you parading in your new cheongsam for us!! :D

  2. sure thing, babe!
    mental note: to take pictures before i start eating! *grins*

  3. ooh! I've been hunting for one - where'd you get yours tailored if you don't mind sharing :)

  4. I wanna see too!!! :)
    Where did u get it from??

  5. did not get mine tailored in the end
    but if i did, i would have gone with Max Couture (64408180) from Katong Shopping Centre. he is pretty good! give him more than 3 weeks notice thought! :)

  6. got it from cheongsam shoppe at holland v! :) they have a range of cheongsams and cheongsam inspired modern outfit! the average range is very affordable!!
    p.s. i think you'll look smokin' hot in them!

  7. hahah i haven't even gotten it! :) will wear it for my cozzie's wedding only in oct!
    babe, you're super fast in your response!

  8. babe.. u will be more smokin' hot!! :p
    Quick quick, post up the pics!


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