Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a text that made me smile..

"using up my free SMS's - thank you for your many kindnesses. you are special & daniel is v. lucky to have met you." 

thank you, uncle bruce. i am actually the lucky one!

so last night, we stood there at changi airport waving bye to him as he trudged through the departure gate with daniel's precious crumpler bag, not looking back a single time leaving us in a pool of sighs and laments "ah!! they grow up so fast. just running away from us already!" then there was a feeling of loss. it was sorta nice having someone to come home to, to take care of or plan dinner around. maybe thats why some people choose to settle near their parents or extended family. sorta makes sense a little.. but now, we're left with a crazy wednesday to deal with and mountain-load of work to plow through, vacation planning to do and backlog of images to sieve through

i had a lovely time catching up with him at the race (six hours of alone time!). and there seem to be endless stories to swop and ideas to share.definitely  was also more comforting to have someone else as anxious when 3 mins came and still no daniel on the cycle course during his half-ironman.. and a fellow "team allender" supporter to wave our little flag! (race pikkies to come..)

come back soon, we miss you already!

on a completely different note, daniel is extending his contract with his firm (yayy) and will be writing me into his work contract which could possibly mean coverage by his health insurance, relocation benefits (urm.. me? relocate to singapore?) and/or tickets back "home" to melbourne every year.. haha.. quite amused at how it works but its not the perks that is exciting but just the thought of adding me to his life/contract is sorta sweet in itself already.. *gasp*

strategic move, buddy! to break the news while im getting myself lost behind the wheel near midnight in punggol, so i was all distracted and panicky already... while he was telling me about it, the only thing that echoed in my brain is "yike! what if we break up.. his HR department has to know?!?!" so scary & grown up, ya? i better not get cold feet..


  1. Awww.. the sms is so sweet!!
    and adding you to his contract is even sweeter. do I hear bells ringing in the distance?? =p

  2. oh not at all.. :) im just contented the way we are now!

  3. how to write gf into contract? whoa darlin.

  4. its like added me as an non-legal spouse (as in unmarried) so they cover me in expenses and benefits..
    its all these legal stuff! :)


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