Saturday, September 6, 2008

weddings: tropical tryst

beautiful walk through the botanic gardens lands you in a little corner nestled in the orchid gardens - burkill hall! 

my second set up in the old colonial house belonging to past president and i love the architecture, dusty furniture and neat compounds to bits. don't love the mozzies and the nosy visitors as much though.. yesterday afternoon's wedding was lovely and for once, the ceremony started earlier than scheduled cos the sky was threatening to pour! but i guess someone must have done something right, cos it stayed pretty for the rest of the evening! *phew* (if not you would have witness a very unglamourous zhing in her stilettos trying to pull the chairs into the shade! not that glam a job after all, eh?)

what struck me yesterday wasn't the flowers (cos we're always blessed with pretty flowers and ideas) but the guests! they were all dressed to theme - chinoiserie which translates to figure-hugging tradition qipao for most ladies! and boy were they all dressed up! i love it! ;)

made me wish i was dressed up too.. but then again, who is going to scale the walls to tie lanterns if im in a "i-cant-even-eat-a-pea-or-else-i'll-burst" outfit? but the staff were all lovely and as usual, another beautiful wedding! 

oh! one booboo.. my wallet was completely emptied of its cash.. was not a lot of money but seriously, whoeven stole my money, i hope you bought rotten durians with it! lesson learnt: never leave your belongings around!! *pout*


  1. Woah! it's beautiful! you did a great job girl!!
    and what a mishap for you!!! may whoever stole your cash slip on banana peel! =p

  2. I completely forgot you plan weddings now! When it happens, I know who to look - unless of course you're exorbitantly out of my range :)

  3. hahah! :) thanks for your vote of confidence!
    either way, when it happens, please let me know so i can be happy for you as well!

  4. hahah! yes, i also say!
    women are so vengeful!

  5. dear! me want a wedding exactly like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sure thing! :)
    i promise it will be prettier than this, my love! you deserve only the best!


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