Monday, July 14, 2008

with time on my hands...

10 Years ago I was:
finishing up high school in Nanyang, hating the short hair, hoping that i'd pass my O's to go to VJ, still planning to get married by 18 and have 6 kids! :) how things have changed!

5 years ago I was:
in university, living it up! :) still very much in my 'pink' phase where i only wore pink clothes and threw huge pink birthday bash.. i wanted to be a dancer. wanted to live in new york forever and definitely did not like the idea of growing up!

1 year ago I was:
a happy girl in the states, zipping around town with my burgundy car, shopping online whenever possible! making friend with chinese take out peeps, having regular house parties and beer pong extravaganzas!

5 Things on my To-Do-list:
1) get my US tax returns sorted out
2) start doing some body-pretzels in yoga class
3) be an awesome salsa dancer
4) plan the next International Cuisine Day sorted out.
5) find out how much an Olympic channel package cost..

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1) Yen Yen with choc dippies and icing..
2) sour squirms
3) dried cranberry bits
4) miso soup
5) macs fries with salt!

If I were a Billionaire I would:
i would save a hefty sum for early retirement (probably like right now!), buy my babe a cervelo!, travel the world and live in cool places, fly my brothers home every vacation, get both my parents a storage unit to keep their bits and pieces! buy shaun & carol a working stove! give money to saint andrew autism center and still work as a wedding planner.

Five People I'd Want to have lunch with:
1) ming ming, nicole & domi
2) lorraine & gigi
3) john & maribel
4) auntie susan & uncle bruce
5) my mom..(and yi ma)

Five Places I've lived:
1) Singapore
2) Melbourne, AUS
3) Williamsburg, VA
4) Caux Palace, Switz
5) Manhattan, NY

Five jobs I've had:
1) Pizza Server
2) Naughty Nurse
3) Dancer
4) Boutique Hotel Reception Girl
5) Wedding Planner


  1. boooohooo...u no want lunch with me? so saaadddd....

  2. of course i do darling..
    haha! :) how are you doing silly goose?
    lets do brunchie soon! (p.s. my prive dream came true, im doing a wedding there in two weeks.. haiyar just not the same as having a leisurely lunch ya?)

  3. wow! couple must be rich eh? we've got an enquiry tt we suspect is some fraud trying to make us launder money.

  4. huh?? i dun understand?? what you mean by laundering money???


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