Friday, July 11, 2008

imagine that!

last night, featherlust (our job recruiters have secret stripper names) replied to daniel and asked him "how about jersey?" so he threw the question at me "how about jersey.." hmm.. and since my geography is really bad, i did a little research on the place and came up with this!

"Did you know...

1)    maximum speed limit on the roads is 40 mph by car and 15 mph on bike (in the ‘green’ lane*)

2)the island is tiny so we can get by cycling around! J but 80% of people our age group (25 – 32)  own cars.

3)    they have a local triclub. and they organize a triathlon in August with 100 competitors! The triclub has swim practice on Mondays! Also Stand Chart has their tri in Oct in Jersey.

4) they do the following sports that falls in our interests: diving, tennis, swimming, athletics, golf, rock climbing, cycling, touch rugby and heaps of others. (sorry no hockey or baseball.)

5) also a bunch of dance schools on the island, mostly ballroom or latin, but definitely keen on their dancing!

6)for 1250 pounds, you get a nice little loft-town house with a HUGE kitchen.

7)heaps of festivals and community-based events.. some sporty, some foodie, some artsy.

8) according to their Gov online stats, ave working hours in your industry is 38 hrs. And mine is 45 hrs. 

9) jersey is 60 mins by boat from France (incidently, where Mont-St-Michel is!! )

10) i can practise my francais again! 

The Island’s 350 miles of roads, by-ways and lanes are ideal for those who enjoy cycling. Its Green Lanes give priority to cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Maps and guides, specially designed by local cyclists, feature recommended routes and itineraries, refreshment stops, historic sites and attractions. Jersey Tourism provides organised cycle tours led by experienced guides who will help newcomers discover the best cycling routes."

and half a day later, got his response to my little fact sheet. "so what do you think? could you see baking and cooking up a storm in our little town house, and floating across to Mont St-Michel for a picnic!?"

*grins* sounds rather interesting to me! :) que sara sara! whatever will be will be.


  1. the little island is actually very basic and slow-paced. im quite worried about shopping! *gasp*

  2. but you'll only be 60mins away from france!!! :D

  3. and the part thats most worrying is, i'd be half a world away from singapore.. *sigh*
    will see! :)


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