Wednesday, July 16, 2008

jun 13th - osim tri

yayy the end of year is coming! just one huge one to go and one marathon and we're done for the year! daniel has been looking forward to osim cos their tri-team had planned to wear matching suits to the race. but alas, didn't arrive on time! its ok, i guess there are plenty more races to go..

i don't have pictures of his swim leg cos i was busy checking out other dudes in their bugie smugglers! *sigh* and missed him running past in his first loop.. *oops* and it started storming in the middle of the race and all i could think of was "yuck! the dirty laundry we have to deal with later.." ;)

but overall, daniel did great for this race, he was pleased with his timing/placing! (even had time and energy to smile and get on his aero bars to pose for pictures) so vain, that boy!

daniel finishing up the run

and superwoman ade on her run leg! :)

congrats, ade! excellent results!

my sweetheart and his post race treat..

and as usual.. his race flag!

inspired by his new swimming class with his tri-peeps.

swimming is his weakest leg and he whines and groans everytime we have to swim before a race. so he decided that some swim classes would be motivating so he signed up. unfortunately, their swim coach takes this very seriously so sectioned them into different groups. the baracudas, the flying fish and the other group (which he doesn't remember) and he, unfortunately, was sorted into the 'goldfishies'.. haha. poor guy and his ego! but ever since he got 'promoted' but ever since, it has always been a sore spot! :)

and standing dripping wet in the rain, i met joyce, whose hubs is racing with AAA as well (what a coincidence!) and we shared a brolly shamefully admitting that the only sport we indulge in is watching it! she is adorable! can't wait to hang out with her at the next race.. and yayyyy... ade said she'd accompany to stand in the sun/rain to watch daniel's 70.3 which would take 6 hours! *faints*

thank god for wonderful & sporty friends!


  1. haha.. checking out other dudes while ur boyfriend was slogging away? tsk!

  2. don't we all do that?
    oh wait! you mean i could possible be the only horrible girlfriend around?


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