Tuesday, July 8, 2008

when we're out together dancing cheek-to-cheek...

stole this off the singapore salsa website!! me and my baby dancing at the "Save Our Salsa" party two weeks ago..

and this part i find particularly interesting, the writer wrote "who's this hottie, someone send me his number!" along with this picture teehee.. looks like i'm not the only one who finds him hawt! :)

in our attempts to start dancing hot like some of the salseros we've seen, we started on our  bachata classes couple of weeks ago, it has been great!~ figured it was about time we took the sleazing outta our living room onto the dancefloor (just kidding!! we're such proper people..) it has been interesting thus far. im still not too used to having other men grovelling at my butt but i sacrifice for my art!

p.s. i decided to lock this entry up.. im sound so hopefully puppy-dog like when i talk about my baby..


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