Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sick puppy..

my man-dog is ill. he has been hobbling around since we took him out for a long run about a month ago.. all this while, we laughed at him because we thought he was faking it.. (even the vet thought so.) but it got progressively worse. so mom and dad brought mocha to the hospital and got a x-ray done.. no broken bones, nothing.

and he came home in a cast, looking pathetic and morose..

a week later, he's still hobbling and it took a turn for the worse last night when he stopped eating his favorite treats. and just lies there looking all sad..


so helpless! don't know what to do. for once i won't mind him running amok eating construction worker's leftover ta-pow on the street man!


  1. My.. it saddened me to read this.. I sure hope he get better soon.

  2. me too. :( he typically eats so much!!!


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