Monday, July 7, 2008

an old friend..

with age comes new friendship and adventures. i like that part but on the flip side of the coin, im extremely sentimental when it comes to old relationship and friends.. i feel sad when the realization that its not the same hits me. typically that comes when you can't even find enough time to catch up or even when you do, conversation is as smooth as a brazillian wax gone wrong.. (ok that one no need to go into details..)

and as i get sappy from time to time, i get upset at friends who move on with their lives and don't take me along. or get caught in the humdrum of daily chores and become a changed person. but quite unreasonably in fact. cos it was me who walked away from it all and come breezing demanding "love me! everything is the same, right?"

i was having an msn conversation with ferne, a precious old comrade who, in response to my usual wails of "things change.. i don't want to grow up. working for your own shoes sucks big time!", told me "you'll always be a song in my heart, one that i'll sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words".. awwww, i know its silly to need words to assure me but it definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

and i love you too, babes!


  1. i can absolutely relate to your "cos it was me who walked away from it all"... part *melancholy*

  2. i did good! i texted another long 'lost' friend last night..
    i keep telling myself that i cant wait for the other party to make an effort!

  3. Darling. No matter what, you will always occupy a special place in my heart. Take lots of care k. I will catch up with you all soon... Lately work has taken a toll on me. too drain to feel happy. Hugs

  4. My dear, you will always have a special corner within my heart. :) Take lots of care n we will catch up soon. Life has been tough lately in terms of work. Lets meet up soon. *muaks*


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