Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we're going to melbourne!!

with tickets sorted out, leave approved and accomodation all sorted out, it suddenly feels a lot more real that we're indeed headed down under! yippee!! ;) i cant wait.. i have been flipping through travel guides! it has been a while since out last proper vacation..

so we sorted out our list of 'to-do's:
1) hit all the yummy recommended eateries (thanks, !)
2) go to the mall!
3) visit book store so i can buy heaps of wedding magazines, books and pick up the 'snugglepot & cuddlepie' storybooks!
4) take his mom for margeritas & mexican food..
5) short getaway to see the 12 apostles (all 8 of them..)
6) see fairy penguins in phillip islands..
7) hang out in yixuan's place, see her campus and chill out!
8) go for cousin's wedding (and meet auntie bong! *yikes*)
9) try to steal a wombat home as a pet.. they look very cuddley.
10) have heaps of downtime and take a breather..

that seems like quite a bit to do in a short trip! and im crushed that its not berry season or apple season.. but its all so exciting. we went through my baby pictures in melbourne and saw all the amazing places i visited and took pictures with! but sadly, i don't remember a single thing except for my red tricycle and strawberry patch. *sigh* what a waste of time and money... but fast forward two decades, i'm revisiting melbourne again, yayyy!!! shopping list, anyone?

and an exerpt from out everyday hilarious (and completely spastic) conversation:

d: baby, my secretary found us tickets to melbourne on SQ..
z: ya ok.
d: are we good to book or should we wait?
z: im good. just book!
d: ok.. i will let her know..i'm happy to wait a little if you have to think about it..
z: think about what? *pause* oh! hmm.. do you think we would still be together in august??!?
d: *dramatic sigh*
z: i mean, i thought i'd ask. just in case, y'know?
d: im sure we'll be just fine, darling. i wasn't thinking about that actually, more like leave and work and stuff. but glad we got that straightened out..
z: oh. ok. then book away!


  1. Ohhhh!! How nice!! you're going for a vacation! :D from your to-do list I can already be very sure you're going to have a wonderful trip and I can look forward to many pretty pics you are gonna take! ;p
    you guys are really cute! hahaha reading the exerpt made me laugh! :D

  2. yay... i just went melb in march. LOVE!

  3. yayyy! :) if you get a chance or some time, let me know what was fun!!
    i was looking at your travel plans and realized we have quite similar vacation spots this year! *grins*

  4. teehee! we sure will take heaps of pikkies! :)


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