Tuesday, June 10, 2008

flower shopping..

went to my fav floral hangout on sunday with daniel to put together a floral centerpiece for kelvin & natalie who kindly invited us over for dinner!! and was overwhelmed by their selection!! it was heaps of fun weaving through the aisle of greens and crazy flowers sounding all so important. i was such a show off, sprouting flower names and sharing my limited floral knowledge with the boy!

we eventually gravitated towards the pink blooms (again..) and loosely bunched some cutesy messy pink flowers (it said carnations but i highly doubt it..) in a clear glass vase, tied a silver bow and we were good to go! no fuss, no drama... dinner was lovely, we had grilled lamb, sausages, cheese and wine and the company was delightful.. and their pug, milan is the cutest thing EVER! she is so cuddley and sat on my lap for half the evening!! we wined and dined till late at night and had to leave because we had out little hungy dogs to feed!

eeks! all so grown up!!


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