Monday, June 9, 2008

no direction..

“We lose our direction and our ways and wander around. [There is] discord, friction and conflict.” – Nibroll.

i had a lovely evening watching nibroll (japan) in the singapore arts festival last thursday with ah fen! the entire 70 mins performance was purely physical and very dymanic. i especially loved the installation pieces projected in the cyclorama!! there was always something evolving and something new happening... but slightly angsty and very visually exhausting! the performers were extremely dedicated and had amazing stage moments... i thoroughly enjoyed it but the other dancers (whom we met by chance) were less impressed!!

after the show, the little group of 6 dancers caught up over coffee at boat quay! how rare of us to have an opportunity to hang out of dance and to be at boat quay that late into the evening on a weekday night!! ;) as usual we had heaps of fun and just a bit of random updates with each other's life.. definitely need a proper catching up session before everyone heads in various directions!!

its a shame jiji won't be in NY for xmas because i would have been nice to be able to visit Purchase College!!

**foot note: thank you dick, for the tickets!


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