Thursday, June 12, 2008

city duathlon 2008..

its officially race season with heaps of races coming up in the next few months.. meaning many pasta meals and early morning and heaps of flag opportunities! (yayy..) last sunday, we woke up bright and easy to get to raffles place where daniel raced in the saab duathlon. initially we thought was a fun race cos of the unique distances and cos its a city race, quite different from the beach/scenic races we've had thus far but traffic & parking was a nightmare!! we circled around looking for an open car park.. and there were construction sites, people with bikes and cabs pulling up in all direction. all this happening while some of the earlier waves already started..

daniel pre-race finger crossed for his nasty blisters from the last race...

and right after the race started, i saw ade run past!! teehee.. on hind sight shouldn't have distracted her from her run! but it was super excited! and forgot to take a picture of her! ;)

i like this picture! she looks like she was having fun running..

ok im no photojournalist.. but like this picture cos 0458 just gave yellow lady a kiss and she looked so happy! :) she was smiling for a long time after that..

and everything was good till people started coming back from the bike leg.. and tho im not as fabulous with the specific timing, i kinda know where daniel is placed in the race, so when he didn't come back for a long time and the tubby uncles started rolling their bikes in, i was worried. then this weird guy came up to me and told me that there was a crash involving (3) cyclist and the ambulance came to take them away and got me really flustered. so i got some nice boy to check if bike # 20 was back and i just missed him while staring at someone else's butt.. but the bike rack was empty! *calamity* it was some of those moments when you feel really lost. so i packed up the camera and started holding on to my cellphone tight hoping it doesn't ring.. and swore that if he came back safe, we'd never race again and go to church EVERY SINGLE sunday... and in my flustered state of panic, the race dudes showed me the medic tent and just as i was going to cross the intersection, i saw daniel running out of transition. oh man!! i've never been this glad... *phew* that drama got me quite shaken up and i really  don't deal with such situations too well..

ah well!! grilled him after the race in my bossy "why you so slow!" tone (which i never ever do..) and found out that he did extra loops on the bike leg cos his bike computer told him that it wasn't 40 k yet.. *sigh* seriously.. if i were racing, i would have totally completed 5 laps and balik kumpung.. especially if everyone else is doing a shorter route. *bigger sigh* but i guess thats why im not a better athlete.

then, i bumped into weilin at the finish line, caught up a little and found some girls in school were racing in marathons and some upcoming sporty stuff! wow... im impressed but still not entirely convinced.

and darling[info]starbuckstoner
 came rolling in with a huge grin... well done, babe!

weillin and ade! ;)

and one of the first thing ade told me was 'oh! i saw daniel' and my first reaction was 'daniel? which one?' haha.. ah well, one of my blonde moments i guess...

daniel & i.. all safe and sound ready to head home for bubble tea and a little celebration that he and his blisters survived ok..

***yeah, so we're still not going to church this sunday.


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