Tuesday, May 27, 2008


deaf got me hooked up with media passes for the grand opening of Singapore Arts Fest 2008 at Boat Quay where IIotopie from France set up their stage in the middle of Singapore River! It was fascinating and exciting! and the yellow mini floating across the river received 'wows' from the crowd clustered along the banks of the river and the rest of the show was interesting too! ;)

the pace of the show was slower than i would have prefered but still endlessly thrilling cos just as you think you've seen it all, someone's wings bursts into flames, cycles in on water, yanks tin soldier outta the water or you catch sigh of someone else's nakid butt cheeks! *gasp* wow.. so shocking! and the saggy boobs strapped onto the gongola fairies were equally disturbing! but in general, the 50 min firework was crazily wild and almost absurb! i loved the gal in pigtails on a huge bed with feathers spewing out!!! it was like a scene right out of a dream!!

all interested!! im keen to watch the closing ceremony at Bedok Reservoir as well!! yippeee..

thanks deaf!


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