Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it takes two to tango... (well, and two to not!!)

yesterday evening,daniel and i did something out of the blue! both of us skipped dance class(!) from the first day we met we have always been very enthusiastic about classes, workshops and socials.. but last night, neither of us felt like tango-ing..

this sentiment is probably residual from last week's post-class discussion about how i felt like we were getting nowhere in argentine tango (to be specific, the milonga and cantombe) and threw a fuss about how our instructor seem to not be giving daniel enough detailed instructions and leaving him looking confused most of the time.. on hindsight, it must be the impatient perfectionist in me speaking. i mean who actually picks up dance in 3 classes, right? plus its our first tango course.. i should give it some time. (and also keep my temper in check!)

*le sigh*

but, this evening, we decided that if we both don't feel like it, no sense in torturing ourselves. (yes, i know, we paid for class!! and its only one short hour...) but, daniel has blisters all over his feet and i was just generally poopsie from work so both of us decided to take our time after work to sort through our stuff, i swung by his office to pick him up, swooped his bike into the car and headed to P.S. Cafe for an indulgent weekday treat!!

The 7 mushroom salad caught my eye (but i sorted through my mushies and only found (6) varieties!!!) nevertheless, it was super tasty and healthy i supposed! and boy was that a HUGE salad! it was bigger than daniel's lamb t-bone entree, which was delish as well! so it was all good! we would have had a glass of champagne each but honestly, bubblies on the first day of work week just seems a little indulgent, no? so we settled for yummy milk shakes and sticky date pudding! yummy!!

then i headed home, curled up in bed at 10:30pm and woke up feeling better this morning!

so maybe skipping tango wasn't that bad afterall..


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