Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the not-so-great singapore sale...

such evil-ness! me and jasmine went to PS during out lunch hour and hit the shops!!


and you know when you have a shopping addiction when you call to ask where your colleague is and her response is "Aldo, but u REALLY don't wanna come here!!"

came back to the office with (2) huge bags of clothes bursting with new clothes! (to be exact.. (6) dresses and (1) swishy tiered top and (1) tulip work skirt all in one hour!).and that entire stash is from our 1 hour lunch dash! hows that for efficiency!? im so thrilled i'm still grinning two hours later!

it is indeed so fun to have colleagues to do silly lunch hour things like this with you!! plus, she send encouraging textes when the going gets tough, and share snack, brekkies and 'smoke breaks' with me!! i love it! she's awfully cute and tells the funniest stories.. make work life so much more fun!!


  1. That's Singapore shopping for you , babe. I do that all the time during my lunch time too.. hehehe! What is food when u can get clothes and shoes instead right?

  2. precisely! tho that must have been the most expensive 'lunch' i've had in a while!
    i swear not to step into another shop for a month!


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