Wednesday, April 16, 2008

night-out in KL!

enjoyed a lovely evening out with Dick and Justin in KL! we met up at Pavillion after a bit of shopping and pottered around the huge selection of restaurants! It's lovely, the variety of different cuisine and their emphasis on presentation! im all for pretty resto, doesn't matter if the food is less than spectacular, if the ambience is pretty, im very forgiving! and to say the least, this place was amazingly dazzling and also appropriated named "The C Club" (i briefly mentioned in a past entry!~) 

The concept is "All that Spakles" would have been lovely for my work photoshoot that's coming up! everything inside was sparkly, diamond encrusted set in cool platinum or plastique-ky background! initially i was apprehensive if we would ever find a nice restaurant other than cheesy italiano hide-outs because daniel had to load up on carbs in prep for his marathon but on their menu, they had lobster spagetti with truffle oil, yummy! ;) so we eventually decided on this place instead! 

cool chandelier that hung from the second level! fist level is the oyster and martini/champagne bar, second was the restaurant! makes you wanna squel and run around taking pictures (which is exactly what i did!)

minimalistic indoor table set up! ;) but we opted to sit outside so we can absorb some of the hustle and bustle of KL night life! (i.e. gaze into the neon CANON & OCBC ads and angry traffic as ambience music!) but i was won over by the phantom chairs outside..

its tough to get a normal shot of dick! :) teehee. my happy dinner dates!

me and dick after many unsuccessful attempts of catching a non-flash but slim shot of us.. (without me looking naked!) 

we made post dinner plans to hit Kenko for some fish reflexology! but they were completely booked up!! seriously, those doctor fishes are awfully popular they must have had their fill of calluses and dead skin! ewww... anywhos, we parted after a bit of shopping and headed to Little Havana for salsa dancing, picked up mangosteens along the way and strolled down squishy dodgey little lanes of KL marvelling at the energy from this little town! we like exploring places like that! granted, it may be less sterile than the environment that we are used to, it lends a little be of character and color to our travel tales. 

ooo.. and we saw a bunch of youngsters in a "dance off" gathered right outside lot 10! and found this cool little collection of internationally inspired restaurants that's so stylish and ecclectic right smack in the middle of the city.. kinda stuck out like a sore thumb actually and brimming with travellers and angmohs! very interesting but such a shame we didn't have a chance to try them all out!!


  1. arrrrhhh. I love that chandelier! I am one big sucker for anything that sparkles too!
    you looked sexy "naked" btw! =p

  2. top level of Pavillion! ;) you'll like this place! its very pretty!!

  3. haha! :) me love chandeliers! its a shame i cant have that in my own home! it would make me immensely happy.
    thanks babe.. tho it sounds so wrong!

  4. sounds cool!
    will go check it out. :)


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