Thursday, April 17, 2008

thursday inspirations..

i spotted this from here and got really excited!! its so cool to have your own wrapping station! its like a long-time career dream come truem except better because in the departmental stores, you have to wrap in their signature (mostly boring..) wrapping paper but now i get to pick and choose my own wrapper, bows and gift tags too! :)

i like! and it can double up as a craft station!!

one day when i have my own home... *floats off to lala-land*

which reminds me, this morning i woke up grouching "is it only wednesday..i need the weekends to come soon. like now!" (actually i need month end to come soon, i got heaps of crap to clear before labour day!) and **saussie, in semi-comatose state "its already thursday, babe." and dramatic as i always am, i proceeded to bounce out of bed "NO WAY! seriously??". im sure if he were more awake, he would have rolled his eyes..

and then i rolled outta bed in utmost glee and had toast with bah-hoo and tea.. squished into a crazily packed MRT, got soaked to the bone in an amazing thunderstorm, forgot to bring my laptop.. (and thumbdrive, and pink stationery and all that good stuff..) BUT its all good! :) its still a fantastic day!

i swear the very fact that its thurdays completely made my morning! ;) im positively overworked and retarded!

**saussie: a nickname we gave daniel for months before we started going out officially. Originated from dick (founder of SPUNTIE: aunties in spandex), its short for salsa/saucy aussie. Still commonly used in his absence!! but he knows about it now and its no longer fun cos we can't say mean stuff about him.


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