Wednesday, April 16, 2008

girls, they wanna have fun..

the gals in my family really go all out when it comes to parties and dressing up. my darling cousin, jinger-belle, celebrated her 17th (!) birthday last saturday, booking the entire Sticky Rice at Serangoon Gardens! woah! she had heaps of friends spilling out of the restaurant and hey! its only her 17th! imagine how her 21st will end up?! haha.. im not one to speak as well i guess because i had (2) separate 21st birthday bashes and made everyone from my grandma to new born babies wear my favorite shade of pink! *yikes*

anywhos, she's a darling! and it bugged me for a really long time because i had other plans for that evening. but somehow we made it work (thanks hon! i owe you one!)

mom, jingers and my jiu mu! ;)

and she made all of us gals wear red and white to fit her theme! ;) everyone was so enthusiastic i couldnt' say no.. (you can't tell from the picture but even ee-ma had red pants on!)

flanked by two hunkadories: didi, jing and kailiang..

when we left the resto, this gal was single-handedly organizing and hosting games for her friends! wow! she is one impressive young lady!

on a separate note, we were even later than expected because daniel's A/C service-man took way too long. they were working on his a/c unit for more than an hour! i guess i was quite mean/insensitive. for the entire weekend, i reminded him incessantly and laugh at his perplexing predicament of being overcharged for basic servicing! this is the list of things he could have purchased, but instead had to hand over grudgingly to those quacks..

1) itouch
2) tickets to korea
3) OUR vacation to BKK
4) jingerbelle's birthday bash
5) a tiny flatscreen teevee (haha.. my boss's hubs added this in though he sympathizes with daniel cos it always happens to him as well!)

*sigh* c'est la vie, darling! you win some, you lose some!


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