Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bukit timah no more!!

with my fingers, i can count the number of times i'd have to travel to bukit timah for work! ;) yippeee. not that i don't like this place, its awesome but its so darn far away from home and town!! in my nanyang-days i've already travelled this route way too often!!

as of next week, my boss is moving to Hougang(!!!) weehee!! which means she would be less than 10 mins away from me and i get to work from home!! (moving my work CPU to my home office next weekend.. )

i cant wait! i love working in pajamas!! i love being able to sleep until 8:55am! i love making my own lunches! i love cuddling my dogs ever so often! i love having frequent access to the car!! 



  1. gosh, although I dont really know what you are working as now, but this sure seems like sure a heavenly arrangement to me too!! have fun making your own lunches! if i can work from home too, my dog will be the happiest! :D

  2. teehee im a wedding planner! :)
    yeah working from home is the bomb! im much more efficient at home as well!!

  3. ohh, i din know wedding planner can be home based. i have the mentality that there must be some big companies around doing this sort of wedding planning, or you are with a hotel or something.. me suaku. =p

  4. no worries hon!
    there are two main different type of planners! one type is location-specific! they work for the hotels/restaurants/parks.. but the other type does any or everywhere! im the latter! :)


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