Friday, April 18, 2008

my sweets and my sweetie

we were talking around the hood, chatting about some random stuff (as we always do!) when i started telling saussie about my ex-obsession with milton!

backgrounder: for those who went to primary school in my era, those are the tiny minty-apple flavoured triangular-shaped hard candy in an aluminium tin. they were easily the most expensive candy around, costing $1.20!!! and those days i only got $0.80 so i had to scrimp and save and play hopscotch for a few days before i can afford a tin of milton. (ya my parents damn ngiao with pocket money..). and you typically can buy from mama-shops or bookshops!

that little tin of candy was almost like a 'social statement man! only the more 'atas' kids could afford and when you have them in your pocket, it makes a rattling loud 'clink-clank' when you run. and the obnoxious little me loved that candy to no end.. (actually don't know if i really fancy the flavour or lack-of-texture of the candy that much.. *sigh*)

anywhos, i must have sounded really excited or bummed that i have not seen milton around in ages.. cos last evening, i came home to a perplexed boyfriend trying to tell me how he went to several bookstores (when i actually meant bookshops!!) and couldn't find milton! haha.. and bought me a crazy book titled "FISH!" instead..! aww. so sweet!!

oops, and this entire time, i meant the bookSHOPS you find in school selling country erasers, pink rulers, crazy "WAY TO GO!" chops and little platinum tins of miltons! ;) GOOD STUFF!!

what was your favourite bookshop indulgence?


  1. ahh...i think mine wld be...stationery. i've been a sucker for those silly things since pri sch! wth...i shld be working in Prints.

  2. hey! come to think of it. i do know the marketing mgr of printz.. maybe you wanna speak to him??
    oh! i also like to buy star stickers! 20 cents only!

  3. oh!! is tt why i saw extraordinary weddings' invites in the shop? omg! no star stickers for me! i like furry stickies...but only available in big book shop. at least i thought so at tt time.
    nah babes, i'm sticking to my job for a while...despite my angst about it.


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