Friday, April 18, 2008

definitely, maybe.

i loved it! :) i adore abigail breslin! she is just such a spark of brilliance! and ryan reynolds, charming as usual! why am i not surprised it was produced by the makers of "Nottinghill" and "Love Actually".. totally worth the crazy rush! it made me very contented and smiley for the rest of the evening and weekend!

the movie was pleasingly entertaining! i loved how the storyline took a different narrative style, unlike the fairly typical romantic comedy! (which i suckingly love very much still!) 

my favorite bits: the 'man slut', the 'princess pillow' and "i cant believe you smoke and drank and were such a slut. but i love you still" ;)

daniel's favorite bit: right after the above-mentioned quote, Will returns with tea only to find Maya sound asleep. (he claims that reminds him of somebody he knows.. i say, whatever.)


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