Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In theory, it was the perfect project to start on! simple, fuss-free and fuzzy ;) but somehow when we got down to the execution of it, it was not as perfect looking as we had envision! but it was super fun and provided giggles for everyone at home!! The chickies all turned out looking fat and demented with crazy eyes!! haha..

i used yarn wool which is like the texture of candy floss and very fun to play with!! thankfully mom helped with the trimming of their fur to defuzz them a little!

(from left: top view of one of our chickies, all squished in a chinese takeaway box with chocolate eggs!! haha.. i had evil images of general tso chicken from the chinese takeout store in my mind for the entire evening!! )

AND my craft guru mommy was completely baffled when she walked into the kitchen and saw daniel was buried in a table full of black pipecleaners twisted in all shapes and sizes. So she asked him "what's this?" and bless his heart, he answered in perfect chinese "feng4 zao3" (chinese: chicken feet dish served at most dimsum places!) haha.. i love it.. and just for the records he is an awesome chicken feet maker.. some chickies had way too long legs, some had two toes and some had three.. *grins*

ya. right. these are the perfect chickies from Martha Stewart!
ah well.. next year maybe! ;)

happy easter, homies! 


  1. ahahaha...babe! u're right abt ur pompom chickies looking ridiculously funny! hahahah~

  2. thats just the top view man.. phibo the front view is worse.. they look eye cock-eyed or insane!!

  3. I thought your chickies look just fine babe! i mean made of pom pom, how life-like can we expect them to be right? I like them!! sounds like so fun making it! :D

  4. hahah.. i will have to post a front view of the chickies.. they look positively retarded!
    but yes, it was super fun making them..


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