Tuesday, March 18, 2008

lash bash..

it all started with carol, now one by one all of us are giving in to a lifetime of eyelash extension! its addictive and completely retarded! I just removed mine cos of the diving trip this coming weekend and i look and feel completely naked!! and am totally bummed that i cant pull my "flutter-my-eye-lash-and-get-anything-i-want" trick.. darnit. but on the flip side i've had the most wonderful facials, swims and the longest lectures from my lovely folks how 'natural beauty is best..' ya right.. whatever! ;) 

at carol's birthday soiree, we decided to theme it "lash-bash" cos it would mean that we would naturally be all ready for the party! so poor dick has to put on falsies!! teehee.. it was so much fun! and she looked super hot with the lashes but complained that she couldn't shut her eye properly! ah well, the price she has to pay for beauty. 

dick pre-lashes! ;) she has such amazing complexion..

i love this makeup artiste picture! you can see my 12-13-14mm lashes top view!!!

cheers to lash longevity! ;)

some other snapshots i like!!

my pretty candied almonds! painstakingly picked from Candy Empire. The security guy was giving me the evil eye cos i was picking them out one by one!

three of the yummiest things: deaf, strawberries & cake!!

fondue rules: if you drop the dipping, you kiss the fella to the left! haha... chernqian is such a good sport! 

hehe.. me looking super gian at the choc fondue! 

we love fondue!! ;) 

ooooo and i found cheese fondue mix at cold storage last weekend!! hehe.. idea for next party!!

just FYI: this morning i woke up and i was SO DARN BOUNCY its unbelievable! like i really did sit up, throw my hands back and chirped "good morning world!" (ya i know. i do quite random stuff when hyper..) maybe it was the jello worms i had before i went to bed or the coke that i had in the movies!! and just so you know, if you had asked me to do the laundry, wear flat shoes or bathe the dogs i totally would have done it this morning!! that was how happy i was! must have been the wonderfully long and lovely weekend!


  1. reading your post made me all smiley and chirpy and bouncy! and that's considering I'm sick :)) I love falsies as well... sigh, I had them on for like 3 months (carol's falsie beautician, her recc haha) and they were so lush (it was called barbie doll. haha! semi permanent)...but they kept dropping like siao after awhile. I'm too chor lor I think. Dick looks fantastic with the boosted lashes! Where do you get your stick on ones?

  2. Girl you look fab in that dress!!! and what a interesting lash bash! all you girls look great with the lush lash! I've always wanted to try out falsies, but i lack the skills of putting them on myself. :(

  3. its super easy, babe! if you can draw eyeliner, you will be able to do it! with practise, it willbe perfect in no time!!
    (if you need help, i can offer you my non-professional tips!)

  4. yes! the infamous barbie-doll lashes!! mine is called MASCARA effect! (how unoriginal!!)hehe.. just talking about hiaao things makes me happy! but i do hope you are feeling better already babe!!
    falsies: dodo has good inexpensive ones that are fairly comfy with a variety of styles and lengths, shu uemura or mac as fabulous drama ones with a hefty price tag!! and the ones i used on dick is from my el cheapo dance stash... these are only good for one use cos they don't hold the shape!

  5. Yes some tips please!! I find it difficult to stick it on because of the curve of the falsies? i tried to stick from the side of my eye first. but so far din work out too well..

  6. 1. Curl your natural eyelashes and put on yoru eye make up..
    2. Prep falsies! i like to trim my falsies to cover about 3/4 of my eye lid (cos the inner part of the eye is more sensitive and kinda odd to suddenly see the boning of the lash)
    3. put glue and make sure its almost transparent before you stick it down! (you can blow dry it.. or let it lie on the table while you apply the rest of your make up)
    4. paste is from inner eye out as close to the eye as possible!!

  7. thanks babe!! I shall attempt it again!! :D


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