Thursday, March 20, 2008

bite-size delights: macarons!

had my first macaron in a parisian pâtisserie and i fell in love with these pretty little thingmalings!.. its crazy luscious colors and its cute-as-a-button size!! it was the epitome of cute-ness and yummi-ness!! just like eating candy!! and somehow chomping on these tiny bitelets (deluded as i am..) just seem less indulgent than digging into an american-sized cheese cake!

so i was extremely pleased to find them at canele & gobi! ;)

got some of these from gobi (at Central) for emma when she visited! and it came in a pretty box with a spiffy little notecard and all! also got an extra takeaway portion of baby macarons!! just because they are soooo darn cute! ;) you can get them custom-designed along with gift packaging and bonbonnieres as wedding favours! 

tres delicioux for the eyes & the tummy!


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