Monday, February 11, 2008

my jamie oliver..

no better way to start a day than with pancakes & OJ.
and im so used to being the one fixing brekkie
its absolutely amazing being the other one for a change!
(ok.. im easily impressed..)

and him reading his recipe from his flour-y ipod was way too adorable!
aww.. he is such a cutie-patootie.
i had the greatest week in a long time..

now, to figure out how not to screw this up like i always do...
*twiddle thumb*

(afterthought: decided to post this anyhow against better judgement.. figured what the heck!)


  1. Ahem! What did you not tell me........ Haha... update update!!!

  2. *ahem* i have no clue which little fairy flutters around the world at her whim n fancy!!
    another reason to tempt you to come hang out on saturday! (plus ah boy will be leaving for hainan island soon!)

  3. Babe, not sure if you ever had Mrs Seah-Tay Hui Yong as your English teacher in NYGH but I just got a text from her asking if I knew any alumni in hospitality who might agree to speak at a career seminar in March 10-11 so I thought of you! Am sure you'd be a great inspiration. :) Her email is if you're interested at all.

  4. thanks for thinking of me babe..
    will give it some thought! ;)


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