Tuesday, February 12, 2008

scrummy kitchenware..

visited Pantry Magic (Holland V) again with mom in tow! ;) it was fantabulous and inspiring!! (i get motivated by materialism i swear..) all those beautiful kitchen appliances and cutesy gadgets makes me wanna be a amazing chef so i can justify my purchases!! i was eyeing those canape & dessert recipe books but mum had to pry me away!! and she disapproved of my oh-so-pretty pink metal collander cos we have so many red plastic ones at home, ignoring all my "but its not the sammmmmeeee mummmeeeee" whims.. (may i also add with furious batting of my eyelashes..)

eventually, we settled for:
1) brand new set of ladles, spatulas, stirrers in crazy eye-popping crayola style colors!! in a bright blue crockpot!! super cute
2) brand new silicon muffin trays! i loved the castle shaped ones.. (figured the price indicates it's better quality than those in phoon huat.. i hope..)
3) crepe maker.. *evil plan brewing..*

totally regret not bring home my pink hand-mixer and my pretty kitchenaid pot holders and mats cos they don't have it here!! *boohoo* and best of all, its for a good cause. you can even hold a pink-ribbon party with them!

i reckon it would still be possible to go back in Oct to handcarry a pink mixer home.. i mean.. i totally need it to make delicious cookies and cakes right?

oh! and when i am a bunch of nerves, it unleashes the baking goddess in me, which resulted in a million little baby banana muffins which we had to generously distribute today morning! and my poor family had muffins for tea, dessert AND breakfast!!  *sigh* need to learn about moderation!


  1. hehe.. its not like you just met me yesterday!! ;)

  2. So Pretty!!!! Wahahaha... I'll get myself one too if I have a place of my own! Heehee... so now you can make crepe for us?? heehee...OH YA!!! Wanted to tell u that I can't make it on sat!! My relatives are coming over for dinner! Boo hoo hoo.... I wanna see u so much!

  3. XMM!!! horrible! meet us after your family dinner..its my granny's bday too and im coming out!!
    HORRIBLE! we will disown you! (not that we haven't before..) ok is friday better in that case???


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