Monday, February 11, 2008

chinese new year pics...

every single year, my daddy goes shutter-crazy during CNY, so i have 25 years worth of crazy pictures on chinese new year "chu yi" morning, frolicking in grandma's garden dressed up to the nines.. (well, and some of very embarrassing outfits, hairstyles and terrible make up as well...) this year was terrible!! we all woke up late (11am!) and rushed outta our house w/o the SLR in tow so we had to settle for shots from my little pink cammy... ;) 

reunion dinner shots with mommy waiting for dins to start..

and my lovely didi..

with mom again (on granny's verandah) it was way too warm to attempt to walk into the garden. PLUS my lovely suede heels would get muddy and grassy so i convinced everyone pictures here would suffice!

my little family (song didi, we miss you heaps..) and me with cousin's kid, ewe wen! who is the sweetest gal i've met! she is so quiet and polite and follows me around like a shadow. reminded me of jingerbelle when she was a little gal but only now, im the uncool one following HER around town! 

and yes, i got my slut-a-cious eyelashes done!! and i love it! getting outta the house is such a breeze, just my regular dab of concealer, dust of bronzer and im good to go! but on the flip side, i have to shower with goggles which is so weird and its tough work trying to figure out the best way to work my exercise regime around the 'cannot touch water/sweat' eyelashes! and they cost a pretty penny to maintain as well, so we shall see! ;) 

somehow, chinese new year felt a lot more low key this year and one recurring thought was how much we missed yewsong.. the car just aint the same without the three of us squished in the backseat with elbows in each other's face or ribs, jostling for more space, falling asleep on each other's shoulders cos we all spent the entire night out partying.. and next year i'll be all alone when tengsy leave.. funny how im not looking forward to that tho i spent my entire life wishing i was an only child!

ah.. happy thoughts! happy thoughts!!


  1. hi! surfed you over from pishako =)
    love your eyelashes! wat do u mean by getting them done? you mean curled?

  2. hello! welcome! ;)
    i got eyelashed extensions done! if you like, i can pass you the contact of my eyelash lady! she is very sweet!

  3. ohh ok! if you could pass me the contact? thanks!
    do u need to take extra care for the lashes?
    and oh, i added you, if you don't mind =) love your colorful journal!

  4. returned the favour by adding you as well babe! ;)
    my lady's name is Helen (81571123) and her shop is in Serangoon.. let me know if International Plaza is better for you cos i know another fantastic lady that does eyelashes there as well!
    no special care needed just to be careful when it comes in contact with water! so...
    1)i shower with goggles! (its hilarious!!)
    2)wash my face with sponge..
    other than that, its pretty alright!!


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