Tuesday, February 26, 2008


irregardless of how awesome and fun a job you have, monday blues will have its way of sneaking up on you..

yesterday afternoon, i was as grumpy as a blueberry. (hah!) the weekend flashed by too fast and the next non-working weekend is so darn far away. it was absolutely depressing. i was wallowing in self-pity, sulking over my soup and plain chicken rice (loi kee no less!!), looking and feeling absolutely pathetic.. i was literally dragging my feet!

till i was told that monday blues is the price you pay for an awesome weekend. so deal with it! ;)

i thought that was simply brilliant! almost pencil-ed it into my little book of quotes (hah! yes i am a dork like that.. i have a little list of happy quotes and sayings that i read when i need perking up!)

so, tho im suffering from the most horrid bout of blues today, im still plugging and chugging, jolly as a bean! ;) and you're right! we've more to look forward to!!

so till the next awesome weekend, babe!!


  1. i dunno man!.. cos they are more blue than say... strawberries and like urm raspberries? *shrug*

  2. Ohh! I hate it too when the monday blues creep up on me! But I like the quote that Monday blues is the price you pay for an awesome weekend! :D
    Oh and guess what girl! I dreamt of you yesterday! we were out taking a spin together! heehee

  3. Another quote for you... "you have bad days so you can start to remember and appreciate the good ones". :O)

  4. that is hilarious and so random! ;) haha maybe we can do that in real one day!
    i missed you!! where have you beeeeeeen!!!

  5. that'll certainly have to go into my little book! ;)
    thanks babe!

  6. yes! ;) deal!
    come back soon!! hows the new job?

  7. Isn't it funny? yea! we should totally do it one of these days! :D
    I've been so busy with work it's crazy!! tsk tsk..


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