Friday, February 29, 2008


so i've done the deed! as me and daniel calls it, 'pork-knuckled' my dad.. (another long long story..) over daddy's favorite nasi lemak, no less and after an entire evening of jittery, bad-report card sort of emotion, i told my dad that i am seeing someone. (ya! thats it man.. and it took so much effort!) despite the extremely out-spoken and loud front, im really a chicken when it comes to my dad. seriously! daniel had to threaten to barge into my home with 'pau' and formally introduce himself if i didn't and since im daddy's gal. i figured i better do it myself...

and amazingly, dad said he was happy for me. and as much as i hate labels, it boiled down to one statement "but.. urm daddy, you know that he is urm.. *cough* not chinese right?" while expecting a volcanic eruption of sorts.. but instead he looked really ok and calmly replied "which part of australia again?" woah!! he actually already knew all this while..

anywhos.. *phew*

that was really scary.

oh! so i went home straight to bed pleased as a pansy (without gloating over my personal victory cos it was afterall, quite silly..) and woke up to yewsong (brother faraway in london) message screaming: "WOW! JIE! YOU HAVE BALLS!!! HEARD YOU TOLD DAD ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND!! YAYYY! NOW WE CAN BRING ALL OUR ANG MOH GALS HOME TOO!! WEE..." .

how in the world did he find out in 6 hours??? wow! news really travel fast in my little family huh?


  1. b wahahahhahaha... this is quite funny..

  2. Congrats girl!! I'm so happy for you!! :D
    please post pics now! I can't wait to see some lovey moments! =p

  3. hehe.. thanks hon!
    will do soon!!

  4. and so dumb at the same time! *sigh*
    the perils of living at home!!


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