Monday, February 25, 2008

gardensilly's art exhibition..

we had a swell time checking out the art gallery. pottering around these art work makes me very happy and very very proud of shaun! it must be awfully nice doing something you feel passionate about and having people appreciate it and want to purchase it to display in their own homes! Carol was busy smoozing with shaun's friends and students for the entire evening thanking everyone! the life of an artist's wife... wanted to hang out in the bar for a bitty for some martinis but it was completely full!

and dick brought me to Bistro Ga-ga on top of Mount Sophia (behind Plaza Sing!).. it was very neat but food was so-so! ;) i have pictures that i haven't uploaded from my camera so that'll come soon..

meanwhile, deaf is rubbing shoulders (hopefully grabbing arse too!!) with Jay in KL!! i is jealous...


  1. i couldn't go!
    i need to find out what you're up to!
    and what's up with deaf - is she chasing on wheels?? or is it a PR junket.. haha.

  2. yes darling.. we need to catch up! ;)
    our friend there is just a hardcore jay groupie!


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