Monday, November 5, 2007

buay kum wan...

you know the feeling when you HAD to do something tho you don't believe in it? haiyar... like taking a BCG-shot, joining the TAF club for being "too skinny" or not wearing makeup for 2 weeks after my lasik, or urm... having to shower once a day.. (JUST KIDDING!!!)

anyway, this is exactly how i feel.

and im talking about my resume. (or as most HR managers call CV..)

and i risk saying this phrase way too often inducing a common "there she goes again" lament... IN THE STATES..., its illegal and almost law-suit inducing to have your picture in it. what more marital status, race, religious believes even gender is a sensitive issue... and in interviewing my staff, my HR sends countless emails to remind me not to question if they have children or ask when they graduated.. its all a huge no-no. so sensitive. so thread on eggshells type of situation. so naturally, i took out all these information in my own resume.

i mean, im not monkey-see-monkey-doing. i think that job opportunities should be awarded based on academic excellence, relevant experience or natural talent. not looks, not race, not gender.. yes, i know all the arguements about not hiring a pregnant female as a construction worker.. i get it. but im not referring to extremes here.

BUT then again everyone is teling and asking me "where's your picture?" and "how we know if you are malay/chinese/whatever.." even HR managers whom i have met! someone even bluntly told me that they had an impression i was hideous which was why i didn't dare to put my picture in! *roll eyes* i guess i was supposed to be complimented.. but *shrugs* so judging! so presumptious! ahhh!!! 

anywhos, i gave in so now right smack in the middle of my resume is my marital status, race, DOB. and the icing on the cake, my silly grin that screams "i give in!"

and just for laughs..


" wahahaaaa... look like twelve yr old!!!"
verdict: NAY.

"whats with the scarf!! are we still in the 80's??"
verdit: NAY.

final picture: casual, smiley and wayy to tired to keep looking for another picture


  1. hahahah I love your pictures girl!!
    the first one really look way too young!! and the second one, I like! the scarf is nice mah. no? =p
    and the third one.. so slim leh!! and such good figure and poportion! *nose bleeds*
    and the last pic? my favorite! Love your sunny smile! =D

  2. you've got nice big eyes!!
    and the second one reminds me of a flight attendant!! :D

  3. ha ha ha..
    i like the final piture the best too.

  4. hahah thanks babe...
    thats my swiss hotel school uniform!

  5. goodness!!! i hate i/c pictures! makes me look so cuckoo!
    i tried cropping my regular pictures trying to capture myself less stiff and fake BUT.. half of them had beach in the background or me wearing some nonsense outfit!


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