Monday, November 5, 2007

a muffin for your thoughts..

methinks its is a fine and dandy idea how this works. in life, you get short breaks that makes you feel a whole lot lighter and less heavy hearted. makes you forget you are having a horrid head-splitting day/week/month. sometimes a vacation, sometimes a yummy massage and sometimes just a simple muffin treat.

i have been home for almost a month! and despite having lead a crazy hectic worklife & a normadic lifestyle for near to two years, this past month has been the MOST stressful and unsettling one i've ever experienced in my entire life. and i kid you not. i have no clue what makes me as angst-ridden as i am right now but im so impatient with myself, so displaced in my own home and so direction-less that it makes me wanna sink into a deeep dark corner and hide.

i need to re-evaluate my expections and choices. and need to take the chill pill and enjoy the process of searching. or as shan said.. naturally fall into the rhythm of singaporean life. *ohm*

but thankfully, a mini-date here and there, a quite sesh of har cheong kai or starbucks, meal of mos burger or a late night spin does help. even if its just a "wah lao... why liddat!" conclusion with no actual resolution, it does feel a whole lot better.. so thank you, my friends.. i don't mean to be so whiney or discontent, im sure the next month will hold more excitement and positivity from this poopsy-pooper.

so.. *deep breath* heads up and march on! hi-ti!!! (korean for "fight!")


  1. judy in va
    that's right hon.....
    Hai ti!!!!!!!!

  2. Re: judy in va
    thanks!! =) always there to say it to me for good luck!

  3. Gambate!!! Don't ever lose that sunny smile of yours! =D

  4. lala sry for being wols... welcome back zhiying jie! =D my exams are coming! *SQUEAKS* =( kp in touch! ^^

  5. thanks hon! yes keep in touch will meet up in jan? when yehao gor is back..


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