Thursday, November 8, 2007

getting mayweeed...

i love my job! weddings are so much fun and such a joyous occasion to be part of! and each couple brings so much personality into their special event that there is not one wedding that's alike! 

me & deaf & dick are helping out at carol's this sunday!!! *dang-dang-da-dum* shamelessly self-proclaimed bridemaids aka wedding helpers we are!! and we cant be happier... except maybe if we had matching outfits but i guess one cant ask for too much!

absolutely love carol (& shaun...) to death because:

1) they are the MOST chillax couple i have ever met
2) they have fun at what they do. 
3) they stay true to what's important to them
4) they write "zhing & deaf go eat" as part of their wedding schedule!! love it!

pictures from wedding site visit at hua song in haw par villa!! where me and deaf bark at their super beng-beng banquet captain "huh? the table cloth why two different shades of ivory"and "cannot iron it without creases har??" respectively..while carol and shaun look on in disbelief. background of super cool ching-chong restaurant with the cutest decor! i like!!!

happy deepavali to all!! =)


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