Friday, November 9, 2007

belated birthday pressies...


awww.. such a gem! i found it on the piano, liked it and claimed it for keeps. all of that, before i was told "oh! that was your bday prez from last year.."and i like it so much!! so me!! see the dancers?? *whoots* and even if it were the ugliest thing on earth, im sure my reaction would be no less enthusiastic for its not the gift that counts but the gifter.. (what do you call peeps that give gifts? gift-bearer?)

so thanks, didi. (no. 2)

meanwhile the other didi (no. 1) is being fickle and im utterly ashamed. he just announced that his top card is the small grey. (from greys anatomy) *grumbles* no loyalties, no residual feeling nothing. its all about her "two pony-tails"... *tsk* men. so shallow.


  1. arrhh!! this is so pretty and whimsical!! please model it soon if you would. :D

  2. darnit! i already wore it out for the first time but no pictures!! hehe..
    wore is salsa dancing and it was smacking the boys when i spun round!! *oops*

  3. arrh!! salsa!!! you have everything it takes to knock a guy off his feet girl with all your qualities! :D

  4. awww. thanks babe for the constant compliments.. trying to not knock anyone off his feet with my chor lor moves and my necklaces for a start! =)


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