Friday, November 9, 2007

perks of being an *SPG...

(and no, this is not about me! well, sorta..)

used to dread hearing this term but figured, hey! its just a name no? just like being tanned or being short, just a descriptive term! nothing derogatory.. well, as long as you don't take it personally! *shrugs*

just met up with mindy and her man, marty! the two of them are so precious together! so much fun and bursting with energy! n Marty is Australian, in all aspects! he grew up, lives, works, went to school there, the full works... except, he looks chinese/asian/japanese! completely defying his western genes, he looks like just any other boy you would find in Singapore. (but good looking!)

so we went round the hawker center ordering food that we want him to try! dumpling, black chai tow kuay, mee siam, chee kway.. you can imagine!! and low and behold, a challenge was presented to him - to order beverages from kopi auntie!! Black Coffee, Tea with no sugar and Tea with evaporated milk and less sugar. Sounds easy right? but keeping in mind, the kopi auntie doesn't speak a single bit of english!!

and he completed his task with such ease and charm, scoring major points!!! and the two of them curmbled into a mess of goo-ey pride and cuddles.. and oh so cute! awwwww...

im not saying its easy. BUT seriously, who else get such joy from ordering "kopi C, kosong!!"

* Sarong Party Girl (also known as SPG or Singapore Party Girl) is a derogatory term used in Singapore. It describes a local Asian woman who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men


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