Monday, November 12, 2007

i heart shanny..

just an after thought. if this is true - "someone whom you love, and by your loving them, they have power over you." does it mean that one day if they lose the power over you, you have stopped loving them?? hmmmm

somehow that struck a very sore note in me... 

thanks for the wonderful company & tickets & fun!! 

ohoh!!! and i fit into my skinny jeans.. *whoots* that was a sign for chye tau kway and char kway teow hawker food treat, no?


  1. girl, is that you in the pic?? dont really resemble you, maybe is the photo effects. so you fit into your skinny?? that's a good thing yea? I told ya, you seem like you lost some weight. really. :p

  2. yah!! its me on the right!! yayyyy under candlelight i look like im slimmer! wah means i need to carry a candle with me wherever i go!! woohoo.. =)

  3. how sweet. thank you dear for coming and for lovin!
    my fringe is too long... i need a haircut.
    watcha doing this weekend... sat night?

  4. the pleasure was mine! =)
    this weekend, nothing! but whether or not i can do anything is dependant on the state of my recovery. wisdom teeth extraction on thurs. ALL FOUR *gasp* but wats up??


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