Tuesday, October 2, 2007


so. in a matter of hours, we will be parting ways.

my comrade, confidante and pillar of strength for 18 whole months. undoubtedly, there will be waterworks and lotsa drama but we have known this day would eventually come for a while. and so we shall take it bravely. step by step.

with no clue when we will see each other again, only hopeful promises and little plans that somehow one day, we will end up in the same continent again. how's that for blind faith!

sometimes i ask if i hate myself or something.. LDR is certainly not my forte and i keep picking this path to stumble along..

anywhos, london, im counting on you to distract me! =)

toughen up, girlfriend!!


  1. leaving someone you love is always hard.. but i am sure you will be able to make it through.... dun be sad! and cheer up! and i will pray for you that the 2 of you will come together in a contenient soon!


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