Tuesday, October 9, 2007

london: home to yummy siew ups, my brother and lovely parks..

our own versions of  "look ma! im in london!" shots...

beautiful st james part view where we had a picnic.. and sat chatting like oldies till dark..

fed squirrels.. this daring cutie petutie climbs right up his jeans to ask for grapes... i completely flipped out.

my dear radiant rashmu... *smoochies*

check out the beef kway teow glistening with grease!! and the "siew up: (roasted duck) was delicious and super fatty. best i've had.... but when it was served, i forgot the camera and dug right in.. *oops*

my birthday fairy cake!!! check out my present! a bottle of true-blue original beef brovil!! yummy... i absolutely love staying in my cousin's place. its always so cosy and full of food & fun. we played on the i-toy and had silly sport races and swat the ninja contests which ended in ripples of laughter, lots of sibiling-karate-chopping and severely aching arms.. *roll eyes* 

can't wait for my next huge vacation.. but till then, this NUGGET of adventure will have to suffice!!


  1. man!! That squirrel is fat!! It's the fattest one Ive ever seen. Must be very well fed, ha!

  2. wah!
    the smiles, the squirrels, the cake - i want to be in london now toO!!
    be here soon...

  3. i know!! everyone keep bring them pieces of bread, nuts and fruit!!! lucky little munchkins..

  4. Re: wah!
    babe!! im home already!! =)

  5. Welcome back!!
    oh gosh, these are lovely pictures! you look gorgeous and happy as usual. and the second pic is just too pretty for words! The cake, DIVINE! =p

  6. thank you!! i was welcome by the heat!! and my hair is all frizzy eeks...
    the cake was from marks and spencer can!! i wish our M&S here had a bigger selection!

  7. hees i love your cake! your birthday? Happy birthday!!
    sorry ah... i dunnot how to add u... where is the button to add u as a friend

  8. thank you!! i think you go to my page and there is a button next to my username on top and you add! =)


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