Sunday, September 30, 2007

in rome:: just like in roman holidays

birthplace of fashion, cuisine and toga party, the roman empire may have fallen centuries ago, yet the capital city retains a special magical aura incomparable to others! Two days was simply insufficient to enjoy each of the attractions! (mainly cos of the crowds waiting outside each of the famous attractions..)

My favorite of all attractions - Trevi Fountain! it was more beautiful at night and i forgot how many coins Judy told me to toss so i just tossed one - for good luck that i will return to Rome another day!!

At the steps ourside Temple of Venus and Roma.. as the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do: Wear Open Toe Footwear!! so i follow suit. but alas! i was the ONLY person in flipflops.. weird!

Tomb of Pope Julius II by Michelangelo inBasilica of San Pietro in CInvoli,  commissioned by the pope during his lifetime. The centerpiece of the tomb is the powerful majstic figure of moses..

Me avidly reading the story of Forum of Julius Caesar.. *un-glam moment*

141 saints of the Vatican City with Saint Martin looking quite the grumpiest one standing..

 Daddy, i like my birthday present. THANKS!! love the little cars in Italy!

or a pink scooter is fine as well! =)

view from inside the Pantheon!

Wanted to run down the Spanish Steps like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday but that would require me tripping and running over 100s of tired travellers! =)

love those teeny squishy streets brimming with little stores selling vintage wares, gelato, pretty paper and beautiful shoes!!

fountain of Triton..

italian cappucinos are stupendo!!! and the gelatos are wonderful!! all the weirdest flavor taste magical balanced on a simple sugar cone!


  1. Great pictures!! I love your smile and I love your hair!! absolutely gorgeous! =D

  2. yoz!
    nice pics! so you travelling around now? btw, add me?

  3. thank you.. the backdrop and the ambience of the city was amazingly gorgeous.. hopefully one day, i'll visit again!

  4. Re: yoz!
    i already did, silly gal! =) yes, traveling for another week then coming home!!!

  5. man!! I'm absolutley envious right now.. * green eyes beaming at ya!** haha
    I would really love to go to Rome one day.

  6. you really should! and please spend more than 2 days there! there is sooo much to see and eat and enjoy! =)

  7. silly Judy in VA
    one is to come back to Rome
    two is to fall in love
    three is to get married with the one you fall in love with =)

  8. Re: silly Judy in VA
    *roll eyes* i got it completely wrong then.. ah well.. it will have to be (1) to come back to Rome so i can throw (3) next time...
    wanna come with me next time??


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