Wednesday, October 10, 2007

hello stuffy nose..

darnit! i tossed away my collection of allergy medicine from the states thinking im leaving the darn allergies behind... but little did i expect, the minute i got back, i started sniffing all over again from the dust in my own bedroom (cos it has been vacant for 2 years almost..) so it was DUST GALORE!!!

now searching online for some dust-busting air humidifier or something like that!!

talking about devices, i just visited my cousin's place and my aunt got her a $5000 ionic bed that supposedly emits negative ions and makes you wake up less sleepy!! sounds crazy to me though.. a bed is a bed, no? if you are sleepy, sleep more! and aunt made me lie in it and did a ionic test for me with a hand-held device which does a beeeeeeeeep sound when your body is healthy, it beeped happily all over except for my head!! *raises eyebrow* something wrong in my brain must be! but seriously, how can that work??? is it even scientifically proven???


  1. hey girl, i think you can check out tangs. I saw a humidifier i think should be from osim at the basement where there's loads of electronics appliances. it's at a good price too. SGD90+ if im correct.

  2. WOAH!! okok... thanks for the tips!


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