Thursday, October 11, 2007

how's home?

the most common question i've been receiving in the past 3 days. and my non-commital answer: "home's home, lar!" (adding the lar for dramatic effect..) and i change the topic because no one wants to hear a torrential flood of whimps and whines of bad weather, drippy noses and jet laggedness right?

but this is what i really feel about coming home.

1) i feel so foreign. i have no clue where to go for a hair cut, no clue where half my boxes are
2) i really do miss the states quite a bit.
3)  im kinda sick of "wow! you put on weight, har?" and "so you plan wedding, when you planning yours huh?" comments. gosh! and its only day three and i have not visited the grandmother yet.. give me a break! *roll eyes*

but then again, i love having my family right next to me. and the food! oh my gosh.. enjoying it to the max! and the luxury of being able to actually meet and hugs your friends!! not to mention im feeling very popular now!! (ya i know.. cheap thrill.)

so comparing "how's home?" to "so, what time is it over there!" i think i rather be asked the former.. =)


  1. thank you hon!! how are you??? busy busy with work and running?

  2. yep yep same old same old. work run work run :)
    hope you're work interviews are getting along just fine!

  3. Ugh! Don't you hate it when ppl point out your appearance? :/ Maybe we ought to do it back to them and see how they like it! >:( But of course, our morals will kick in and we won't have the heart to do it. LoL.
    I understand the feeling of being foreign even tho it's the place where you grew up. I live half the year in the states and every time I return home, it doesn't feel like "home" for at least the first 2 months. :/
    Well. Enjoy your time! :D


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