Wednesday, October 24, 2007

happy birthday chair-lady!!!

celebrating fenzy's 25th at japanese icecream place at Marina Square!! she delightfully introduced the gang to Royce Chocs... its amazingly delish and worth trudging all the way to Suntec to pick up! 

im a true convert... the chitter chatter revolved around shopping, travel, underwear shopping, clumsy antics, latest gossips and inevitably dance as well! that is afterall how we all met and where all our finest memories were all built upon..

derek awfully outnumbered by the gals..

aggie, candy and me!

the gals!!! with jiji who rushed down from her performance at 10pm..

seriously, that woman is overworked!!

happy birthday, hon!


  1. you seem like you lost weight girl!!

  2. NEVER!!! i wish!! my mom wants me to go to Marie France *roll eyes*


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