Monday, October 29, 2007

carol & shaun's swanky pad...


SUPER CUTE!!! right?? i literally bounced right into their new condo!! just the entrance is so cute!! (of course thanks for shaun!) i liked it that it was simple yet very "them" filled with their memoriabilia and artwork and yet so cosy!  just walking through their new place makes we go watery-eyed! one of those "ohmigosh.. so grown up!!" feelings. my carol is growing up. here i am still battling with teething pains, boy troubles and dumb ass breakout issues and she is handling all these housing/wedding woes with ease and grace, makes me so proud of her..

*fans myself dramatically*

my only gripe is, there are no pictures at all! as anyone who has been to my own room knows... im a complete picture-whore. and narcissist so i cant do without pictures in every nook and cranny but they don't have a single picture! so i kept bugging her "what? no wedding picture?" and "but where is OUR picture?" haha.. i'll make a horrid mother-in-law. i already know that!

cheshire cat by the door! cuteness overload!

more of shaun's toys...

eeeee... happy visitor!!

fond memories of our FYP! *sigh*

im super impressed! cant wait to have more parties there!!! invited or not, here i come!


  1. that is soooooooooo cute! i like! *makes mental note for own love nest in future*

  2. yeah!! =) very neat and clean lines.. i like how its so cheery!

  3. i know!! he painted himself.. now contemplating if i want him to come paint my white (oh! actually...PINK) walls..


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